March 2017

The Spitball Poems: 
A Walking Guide to U Street 


Maps and poems about the the U Street neighborhood meant to be taken off the gallery walls and used as contemplative cellphone-free walking guides.  

For this inaugural exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists' new H-Space project room, painter Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, choreographer Kristin Hatleberg, and multidisciplinary artist Erik Moe installed and then riffed on each others work in an evolving collaborative installation.


Future Cartographic
Society Press

Future Cartographic Society Press began as a project to explore our neighborhoods with empathy for those who will live with our decisions.

Now as a small press, Future Cartographic Society is publishing small runs of books and essays on the built environment and art projects that explore the meaning of place. 

Our first title (FCSP No. 1) is a portable version of the collaborative installation Oral Histories/Oral Futures (for Funk Parade). It is available for $20.

Book No. 2: Is tentatively titled 'The Spitball Poems' and is due out Summer of 2017.


June-December 2016

Rock Creek, Georgetown and Glover Park in the 23rd Century


An installation documenting six months of walks exploring the geography of exclusivity and shared resources; historic preservation; and climate change while in residency at the Halcyon Foundation in Georgetown, DC.

October 2016

Past, Present Future: A Walking Tour (for Creative Time)

Photo; Tan Bo Photography

Photo; Tan Bo Photography

A series of walks in conjunction with Creative Time Summit: Occupy the Future. Participants explore "deep time" on a hyperlocal level, experiencing seven centuries past, present, and future in the space of seven blocks. 




Make DC Weird

A conversation and a provocation about the city we love, the city we have, the city we want. The phrase "MAKE DC WEIRD" inspires questions and dialogue about those proudly unique things we want to celebrate with our neighbors, and about the role of arts and culture in a changing DC.

Proceeds are dedicated to commissioning new works by DC artists engaged in this conversation. 

May 2016

Oral Histories/Oral Futures
(for Funk Parade)

A collaboration with sculptor Alex Braden and curator Seshat Walker. Phone booths in six locations reveal site-specific audio from DC's Black Broadway oral history archives along with speculative flash fiction about the 23rd Century. All inspired by observation, historical research, and conversation with our present-day neighbors.