I believe in building community through arts and culture.

Arts and culture are powerful tools for creating social change. I've seen this first-hand as a writer and artist who has leadership experience across the United States in social impact, online strategy, communications and design. Let's work together to strengthen your project's impact and create deeper ties to your supporters. Click the big red button to get started. 

Social Impact Experience:

Until late 2013, I served as National Digital Director at one of the largest social impact nonprofits in the United States—the 2 million member labor union SEIU. While there, I recruited and developed a large and diverse team of New Media experts to win economic justice, civil rights, and electoral campaigns across the U.S.. These campaigns included the re-election of President Obama, awareness of new access to health care under the Affordable Care Act, preserving and expanding voting rights, fighting for immigration reform, and more. In addition, I advised dozens of affiliates and grassroots activists on tactics and management for small, sustainable digital programs and campaigns of their own. 

I first joined SEIU's New Media team in 2008 as its Art Director responsible for graphic design, user experience, and thousands of lines of HTML and CSS. Over the decade prior, I planned, designed and coded websites for nonprofits, arts and culture organizations, small businesses, and even a U.S. Senator's scrappy campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination

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Arts Involvement and Creative Practice:

As a National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow, I have been developing a framework for envisioning the distant future in our communities on a hyper-local level. The FUTURE CARTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY uses personal stories and imagination to inspire civic engagement in the presentLearn more... 

In the past, as a blogger and critic I have written on documentary film and television, and I continue to spend as many perfectly nice days as I can inside darkened movie theaters. Since the late 1990s, I have sought involvement with community-driven artists and nonprofits in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.. I am especially interested in themes of geography, displacement, inclusion and change—themes that I am currently exploring in creative writing, photography and drawing.

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