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I've explored arts, social justice movements, urbanism and technology across the U.S. over the past 15+ years. Today, I'm focused on commentary and profiles that celebrate the use of art and culture in expanding what's possible in DC neighborhoods and around the world. 

Literary Arts Practice

My literary arts practice is focused on themes of the built environment and how it shapes who we become.

DC's "Great Orchard" in 2215

Read more about my "hyperlocal neighborhood utopias" project Future Cartographic Society

New items are posted from time to time on Medium and featured below. 




Current Projects

Future Cartographic Society

Future Cartographic Society

Future Cartographic Society

A literary and visual project describing familiar neighborhoods as they'll exist 200 years in the future.

The project builds civic engagement around the long-lasting effects of neighborhood transformations and imagines more equitable, human, inspiring, playful, and sustainable change. Read more...

Make DC Weird 

Make DC Weird

Make DC Weird

A conversation and a provocation about the city we love, the city we have, the city we want. The phrase "MAKE DC WEIRD" inspires questions and dialogue about those proudly unique things we want to celebrate with our neighbors, and about the role of arts and culture in a changing DC.

Proceeds are dedicated to commissioning new works by DC artists engaged in this conversation. 




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Culture Matters

Meaningful engagement starts with an understanding of culture and community. I've seen this first-hand serving in leadership roles with high profile advocacy campaigns, impactful arts initiatives, nonprofits and social enterprises across the United States. Let's work together to create deeper ties to your community. 




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Past, Present, & Future

I help mission-driven nonprofits, and large institutions, small arts projects, startups, social enterprises, and friends develop their digital skills, prioritize work cost-effectively, and find new ways to build meaningful engagement.


Current and past clients include nonprofit arts organizations like National Arts Strategies; social enterprise startups like The Daily Do Good; impactful social justice nonprofits like TransAfrica, The Opportunity Agenda, and the Service Employees International Union; local arts and culture supporters like The Pink Line Project; and numerous small businesses, friends, and scrappy arts projects.



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