Erik Moe

Erik Moe is an artist and writer. Erik Moe Creative specializes in experience design and content strategy for impactful organizations and companies. 


Meaningful engagement starts with an understanding of culture.

I've seen this first-hand working with entrepreneurs, serving in leadership roles with high profile advocacy campaigns, and developing impactful arts initiatives across the United States. Let's work together to create deeper ties to your supporters. 

Experience Design (XD) & Content Strategy:

I advise large and small organizations and entrepreneurs on simple, cost-effective ways to build engagement with their work. My focus is on building meaningful experiences offline and online.

Writing, Art & Social Practice

My creative practice includes fiction, cultural writing, and illustration. I am especially interested in how the built environment shapes who we become, a theme I'm exploring in my "hyperlocal sci-fi" project, Future Cartographic Society.

Featured Writing